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Stocktrek Images Informational pages will provide you with a more in-depth, detailed overview of the stock photos and illustrations available on our site. Explore the outer limits of the universe, unique war photos of military forces from around the world, stunning underwater environments and marine wildlife, or go back in time with our magnificent prehistoric era illustrations. These galleries will offer you a snapshot of the high quality stock photos available, and help you locate the perfect image for your project, along with in-depth information pertaining to the subject.

Illustration of Earth, Moon, planets, and galaxy.
Artist's rendition of outer
space depicting the Earth,
Moon, planets, and galaxy.

Our >space images contain extensive royalty free collections of the solar system, Planet Earth, moons, constellations, and planetary systems. We offer a breathtaking collection of deep space photos of our universe, nebulae, galaxies, and star clusters. View images from past, present, and future missions in space, both manned and unmanned missions, along with the spacecraft, rockets, and shuttles that got us there.

We also have a large collection of weather photos, composed of northern lights, climate conditions, natural disasters, meteorological phenomena, space weather and more. Geographic and topographic areas of land and their physical elements, including satellite images of cities and countries from around the globe.

View bold and powerful military photos of coordinated operations around the world from branches of the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps and Navy. Military campaigns conducted by land, naval, air and space forces, ranging from Operation Desert Storm to Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom, including intelligence, troop movements, supplies, war propaganda, and other components.

Browse royalty free stock photography of the equipment, weapons, and artillery used during combat, ranging from armoured fighting vehicles, military jet aircraft, helicopters, naval vessels and warships, along with the assault weapons and artillery used during armed conflict.

Explore the depths of the oceans around the world with marine pictures taken by some of the finest underwater photographers worldwide. Share our passion with the oceans and the exotic wildlife that reside in these underwater environments, revealing beautiful and unusual realms only captured through the very best underwater photography from the world's best diving destinations.

Last, but not least, travel back in time to the prehistoric era where we have unrivaled imagery of the dinosaurs and landscapes that once inhabitated our Earth. We provide highly detailed 2D & 3D illustrations from the Paleozoic Era's growth of life's diversity, to the spectacular Age of Dinosaurs during the Mesozoic Era.

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