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Stocktrek is delighted to bring you a wealth of high quality creative and editorial video content that is updated regularly. Our video collection encompasses the best scientific footage covering healthcare, outer space, military forces, science and technology.

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Human Anatomy

Our healthcare motion collection features all aspects of the human body, from basic human anatomy to diseases and surgical procedures. Our video clips show how the body works from the microscopic level up to organs and systems.
Outer Space

These amazing motion clips give an amazing insight into the universe and a world beyond ours. This gallery includes animations of planets, the solar system and a selection of space phenomena.
Vintage War Footage

Classic documentary footage of World War I and World War II, covering Armed Forces in Europe, the Pacific and all the way to the surrender of Germany and Japan.
Free Research Service

Save time and money by having our talented research team do the work for you, so that you can concentrate on other tasks. We will search through our in-house library for clips not yet avaliable online. Or, if you need a custom animation done, we have a team of expert animators that will design a motion clip just for you! Simply fill out the Research Request form with your project details.

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