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About Us

Stocktrek Images provides creative professionals with inspiring specialty imagery that is exceptional in quality, accuracy and depth of information. We are a leading source for astronomical images of the universe, modern day military operations from Armed Forces around the world, naturalistic dinosaur illustrations, healthcare & medical concepts, and stunning underwater photography. Stocktrek is a distinctive source for the most unique specialist imagery available.


Astronomical discoveries, space art, colorful nebulae and galaxies. Immerse yourself in fascinating nightscapes and breathtaking beauty in the stellar skies above us. Discover the heavens and wonders of our universe.


Digital fine art showcasing prehistoric life on Earth during the Paleozoic Era's primitive growth of plant life to the Mesozoic Era's age of dinosaurs. These high depth dinosaur illustrations will transport the viewer back in time.


Digitally restored images of historic world events, from early exploration to modern times. Begin your journey of historical events dating from the 15th century to present date with our nostalgic photos from the past.


High quality 3D medical concepts capturing how the human body works from the microscopic beginnings to whole organs and complete body systems.


Bold and powerful military photos from Armed Forces around the world. Historic war photos to modern day operations carried out by land, sea or air. Prepare to enter the combat zone.


Pristine underwater photography capturing the natural beauty of Earth's richest and most diverse aquatic habitats and ecosystems of marine life.


Imaginative concepts depicting futuristic space travel, extraterrestrial life, and scientific approaches to understanding the universe we live in. These surreal artworks will bring any possibility to life.


Explosive volcanic eruptions, spectacular geographic wonders, and fascinating weather phenomena. Understand Earth and all of its natural complexities, how they've changed and come to be.
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